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Ocular Health: Color Vision Testing by ColorDx

colordx thumbTestingColorVision (TCV) has made the process of testing for color vision deficiencies standardized and more efficient. TCV transformed the traditional pseudo-isochromatic color vision test booklet into an online based color vision test that tests for protan, deutan, and tritan color vision deficiencies, which the Ishihara doesn't do. Ishihara screens for color vision deficiencies, which means the test tells you if you are colorblind, a simple yes or no answer. The Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT) diagnosis color vision deficiencies, which tells you what color vision deficiency you have and how severe it is. The test only takes approximately 5 minutes. The CCVT was validated by the U.S. Navy and more information on that study can be found *here <>*.

Find out if you are colorblind, what type it is, and how severe it is by asking your Hadden Eyecare Associates doctor about color vision testing. – See more at:

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